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Book Parking

The Rotherwick Patch is Fully Booked for 2023. 

We will be unable to accommodate any vehicles without bookings.

Why is The Rotherwick Patch charging for parking this year?

Like our pumpkins, we've grown and grown. Our main concern is safety, and last year we heard reports of  some risky situations caused by people parking in locations that weren't ideal. As such we've invested significantly in increasing the amount of hard-standing parking on the Patch itself, and sadly this means we need to charge a nominal fee for parking, but we still don't charge for entry.   

We cannot guarantee parking for any vehicles which are not pre-booked. To avoid those disappointed little faces on the day, we strongly recommend you make a booking prior to visiting.

A few Ts & Cs

  • Rebooking: You may move your booking to any available slot yourself at any time for no extra fee. Note that we do fill up quickly and popular times are often unavailable several weeks in advance.

  • Cancellations: There will only be refunds where The Rotherwick Patch has been forced to close, for example due to extreme weather events.

  • The Rotherwick Patch cannot support parking in any other location other than on-site.

  • Parking in Rotherwick village is strongly discouraged for safety and traffic flow reasons.

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